Feb 182012

Galilea is looking for actors for Episode Four! There is one gender-neutral role this month, but it’s a big one.

Please follow the audition guidelines as detailed here.

Lines are due February 25th, 2011.

The roles are as follows:


Without giving away plot points, this is a representative of a new civilization. Their entire culture is based off geometry and music.

    Line 1: Visitors from above. If you are not of the Harvesters, please respond so that we may sample your harmony.

    Line 2: Theirs was a single note. Yours is a collection of chords. Intersecting, but not conjoined.

    Line 3: We have found much that would be useful, to learn and build. They came from Outside, a place we have never thought to explore. We built our own machines, to fly into the Outside, but we did not go far. Our songs were unheard. We could not harmonize. We lost our way, some of us never to return.

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