Jul 192012

Dear listeners, it is my sad duty to inform you that Adam Griffith will be leaving this show. His other duties have increased, which has left fewer and fewer opportunities to spend time on this. Therefore, it is by his request that I open up the role of Variel Wallace for recasting.

Galilea is looking for actors for Episode Six! There is one male role this month.

Please follow the audition guidelines as detailed here.

Lines are due July 26th, 2011.

The roles are as follows:


Chief Petty Officer Variel Wallace
Chief Engineer of the U.S.S. Galilea, Variel Wallace is unconventional and a bit unnerving to new acquaintances, but his enthusiasm for his job is outweighed only by his dedication. Very snarky and quick-witted. Southern accent preferred but not required. For more examples of his personality, listen to episodes 2-5.

    Line 1: (Sarcastically) We have a plan on how to handle it. We ARE handling it. Your twitching will not make this shuttle go any faster.

    Line 2: I still want to take a look at that device. The resonance frequency it uses is something that we might be able to take advantage of ourselves.

    Line 3: (Softly) Stay safe, Angie.

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  1. I’ve sent three sound files for my audition. Hopefully you have them by now.

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