Apr 072012

Star Trek: Galilea

Episode Four: Crystal Clear


    Paulina Logan as Commander Brunhilde Engelstadt
    Adam Griffith as Chief Petty Officer Variel Wallace
    Angelle Tusa as Ensign Mireille Landis
    Jason DeMotte as Kelis Torae
    Tessa Jerz as Crewman Tabitha Cielle
    Weston Abney as Crewman North Easton
    Dayna Abel as Doctor Megan Kraczynski
    Joel Thingvall as the Shintari Diplomat
    Lore O’Shea as the Ship’s Computer

Script by Kevin O’Shea and Noel Thingvall
Story and Direction by Kevin O’Shea
Assistant Directors Noel Thingvall, Alina Leigh and Adam Griffith
Cover Art by Benjamin Colón

Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry, copyright 2012 Paramount
This is a non-profit unlicensed fan production. All rights reserved by respective parties.

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  4 Responses to “Episode Four: Crystal Clear”

  1. Was that a Firefly music clip at the end of the opening? XD

    Borg playgrounds. XD

    “…let that Crusher punk onto the Enterprise…” XD

    This is far too much fun.

  2. A few points: in episode 2, you indicate that Kells is an ensign, yet now he is a civilian? Also, you can tell major sound qualify differences between Dr. K, Angie and your engineer. Also, your engineer needs to check that when he does his lines (especially when he talks about Project Valkyrie) that if there needs to be a pause in his line, he needs to pause his line.

    • Unfortunately, sound quality issues are something we’re all having to deal with, but we’re mitigating them as best we can.

      Where in Episode Two did we state that Kelis Torae was an Ensign?

  3. Excellent stuff, particularly Dayna’s continued entertaining petulance as Kraczynski, and especially the Shintari Diplomat scene at the end – great, ominous voice acting there. Love where the story’s going.

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