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Galilea is looking for nearly the entire cast for Episode One! There are three male, one female, and the rest are gender-neutral.

Please follow the audition guidelines as detailed here.

Lines are due December 10, 2011.

The roles are as follows:


Brunhilde Engelstadt
The primary protagonist, Brunhilde will receive arguably the most lines in the series. She serves as the First Officer aboard the U.S.S. Galilea, doesn’t like being called “Hildy”, and looks at commanding officers as obstacles to overcome. This outlook has not changed even though she is now a commanding officer, interestingly enough.

    Line 1: (Reassuringly) Well, I hope you feel comfortable in the labs. You’ll be in good company. Is this your first time on a Federation ship?

    Line 2: (Wary) If there were reasons beyond what were on my transfer papers, sir, I wasn’t notified of them.

    Line 3: Yet you want a so-called loose cannon as your First Officer. There are a lot of things about this mission that aren’t adding up, Captain, and you did say you wanted me to counterpoint your plans. What is it you aren’t telling me?


Captain Surak is, at the surface, a standard Vulcan, but he does have an affinity for the off-the-wall ideas that the human psyche is capable of. He understands that not everyone follows Vulcan doctrines, and makes his judgements accordingly.

    Line 1: I am pleased you accepted my request, Commander. Was your leave satisfactory?

    Line 2: A captain of a starship must never forget that as an individual person, he or she is still fallible. There are choices that must be made that will effect the ship and its crew on a daily basis, and I am not so egotistical to believe that every action I make will be the right one.

Kelis Torae
Torae is a young Bajoran in graduate-level courses at his University. He is excited to finally get to travel the galaxy. He is the one filled with wonder at being off Bajor, as he never saw the stars from the perspective of being among them.

    Line 1: I’m sorry, I didn’t see where I was… (Trailing off)
    I just got word about the ship coming in, and I haven’t seen a ship dock before and– (He is cut off suddenly)

    Line 2: First time off Bajor, ma’am. (Pause) It’s coming in closer for docking. What is that, an Intrepid-class?

Q. I mean, what other description do you need? Smarmy, arrogant, patronizing, because he’s Q. Scrutiny will be high on this role, as it will probably be the most difficult to get right.

    Line 1: Cute kid. Really makes you glad that they’re not under the scaly heels of the Cardassians, doesn’t it?

    Line 2: (He takes a deep breath.) Ah, smell that recycled air! That’s the thing about this station; even with all the oxygen scrubbers and pine tree scented air fresheners, it still smells like the damp backside of a Ferengi. I’ve MISSED this place.

    Line 3: (Deathly serious) Oh now, Brunhilde, the question is not “What did I do”, it’s what will YOU do? I’ll be quite interested to find out. (Cheerfully) Ta!


Ensign Landis
Bridge Officer aboard the U.S.S. Galilea, stationed at Operations.

    Line 1: Personnel are boarding at the docking port. Cargo shuttles C-1 and C-2 are loading supplies at the station, ETA two hours.

    Line 2: Will do. Chief Wallace should be starting a Level Three Diagnostic soon. Galilea out.

Station Control
An administrator on Deep Space Nine. Professional is the key here.

    Line 1: Station Control to Commander Engelstadt.

    Line 2: Acknowledged. Our crews are giving you a quick inspection. Let us know when your own Engineering staff is on-board.

We need two of them initially.

    Line 1: Have we re-established contact with the ship yet?

    Line 2: The best I can do is rig a transmitter to broadcast to the ship’s current location. On EM bands, it will take some time to get there.

    Line 3: (Warily) Proximity alerts. It seems to be…

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  1. Do you want the clips for multiple roles in one email, or in separate emails? I saw this question on twitter the other day but I missed the answer and last week was kinda crazy.

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