Dec 212011

Galilea is looking for five roles for Episode Two! There are one male and four gender-neutral roles.

Please follow the audition guidelines as detailed here.

Lines are due December 31, 2011.

The roles are as follows:


Lieutenant Gennoc
The Bolian helmsman of the Galilea, Lieutenant Gennoc is a man of few words.

    Line 1: Deep Space Nine reports they are ready to disengage, sir.

    Line 2: Aye, Captain. Course laid in.


Doctor Kraczynski
Civilian head of the Biometrics team, Doctor Kraczynski is the best. Unfortunately for everyone else, well aware of that fact. Arrogant and insulting to a fault.

    Line 1: (Righteous indignation) This is an OUTRAGE! I have an experiment to conduct and all YOU’RE contributing is a BIG FAT BRICK WALL that I PROMISE I’ll blow down with WHATEVER– (Cut off suddenly)

    Line 2: No, “Commander”, what’s out of line is that your interference in my experiment is DEPLORABLE, and I will PERSONALLY see to it that you are demoted SO FAR DOWN the chain that EVERYONE who has EVER served with you will have retroactively received a FAILING MARK ON THEIR ENTRANCE EXAMS! Don’t presume to lecture ME, you– (Cut off suddenly)

Romulan Crew Extras
We need three of them.

    Line 1: Yes, Commander. It neutralized the shielding on the torpedoes. They detonated upon entry.

    Line 2: (Appalled) Madness!

    Line 3: (Nervously)
    It… well… there is the potential for a positive image boost following the treaty. A good will gesture, a noble self-sacrifice on our part which– (Cut off suddenly)

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